• What information should you gather?

  • What is the upside potential and what are the downside risks of the practice?

  • Is this the right practice for you?

  • Is the asking price fair and reasonable considering available cash flow?

  • How can I arrange for financing? 

  • Where can I look for practices that are for sale in my area?


These are just some of the questions you need to answer before you buy a practice. Experts at The Paragon Group can help you find the answers and ultimately find the practice that's right for you. Although we would like to represent every doctor who is selling his/her practice, unfortunately we do not. Therefore, there is the possibility that you will be dealing directly with the owner regarding the sale of his or her practice.



The Paragon Group has the resources and experience to assist buyers in evaluating a practice purchase opportunity. We will opine on the reasonableness of the asking price, examine the downside risk and upside potential of the practice, help you negotiate the deal, prepare a written offer to purchase, and refer you to sources of financing.

*Our sources for buyer financing most often result in a 100% cash payout to the seller. We will be happy to provide you with the names of our satisfied clients.

Do you know how to buy a practice? 
We can help.


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