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Established since 1986.  Steadily producing insurance and cash practice in 1400 sq ft office in professional neighborhood. Diversified, Torque Release and SOT adjusting techniques supported by therapies and nutrition. Trained and tenured staff supports a successful transition. Retirement prompts the sale. 

Established in 2001 and under current ownership since 2014, this general family, primarily cash practice, occupies a 1,400 sq ft office in a high trafficked shopping plaza. Large active patient base with an average of 25 to 30 new patients per month. Adjusting techniques utilized include Diversified, Drop Table, Traction and Arthrostim. New digital x-ray equipment. Currently open only 19 ½ hours a week – great opportunity to expand hours and revenues. Relocation out of state prompts sale. Smooth transition assured.

This is an opportunity not to be missed! This 33-year-old practice is in a beautifully appointed, fully equipped 2,800 sq ft office. Strong referral base produces 30 new patients per month. Several adjusting techniques used, supported by therapy modalities. The practice has averaged $600K+ in past three years.  The trained and tenured staff is an additional asset to a smooth transition.  Tired of working for someone or already own a practice and looking to expand, it is time to act.

Unique opportunity for those chiropractors also trained in canine and equine chiropractic care. Located in the South Bay area, this thirty- year old wellness practice serves an affluent patient base drawn from the communities in the Silicon Valley. Six hundred office visits a month for the doctor’s human patient base plus 400 canine and equine visits. The practice is located in an attractively appointed 1,460 square foot office space in a free-standing building in the main downtown area. The animal adjusting practice extends to a 50-mile radius and includes several horse show barns. No insurance forms to complete, no waiting for payment - payer profile is 100% cash paid at the time of service. Net income to owner $200K+.  Tenured and trained staff. Owner open to selling human component only. Relocation prompts the sale.

Established in 2004, this practice occupies 1,900 sq ft in a free-standing 3,600 sq ft building with excellent signage on a major area roadway. Clinical focus on acute care. Payer profile is 88% cash. Multiple adjusting techniques including Gonstead, Thompson, Activator, Extremities, Arthrostim and Webster. Revenues have increased each year and are currently in the high $300K with net income to owner of $200K+. Practice space can be leased, or real estate purchased.  Owner relocating out of state but insures smooth transition.

This beautifully appointed office was established in January 2014.Located in a high traffic area in the heart of Charlotte in a 1,908 sq ft office.  Fully equipped included new digital x-ray equipment. Payer profile is 90% cash. Multiple adjusting techniques supported by various therapy modalities. Clinical focus on rehabilitation and maintenance. 43 new patients per month. Consistent performance year after year – Revenues in mid to high $400K. A smooth transition insured.

Established since 1982.  Steadily producing personal injury and general insurance practice in 1100 sq ft office in busy, walkable residential and professional neighborhood. Activator, pelvic drop, diversified and blocking adjusting techniques. Multiple therapy modalities. Relocation out of state prompts the sale.  

This general family practice was established in 1987 and always at the same location at a major intersection. Excellent on-site signage has been an excellent source of new patients. The clinical focus is on acute and well care. The payer profile is balanced. Office occupies a two-story stand along building, which the owner desires to sell along with the practice.   Diversified and Cox techniques primarily used.  Revenues consistently in mid $300’s. Owner selling to relocate out of state.  PP

Established in 2000, under current ownership since November 2013, this practice occupies a 1,384 sq. ft in a free-standing building with easy access and excellent visibility. Nineteen years at the same location. The clinical focus is balanced. Diversified, Activator and Thompson adjusting techniques. Upscale suburban market. Payer profile is cash and insurance based. Consistent performance year after year – Revenues in low to mid $400K. Owner relocating out of state. A smooth transition insured. 

Only $250,000 - Established in 2005 this practice, located in one of the large suburbs northwest of the city, consistently generates over $400K in gross revenues each year.  The practice occupies a 1,450 sq ft store front space in a busy shopping center on a main thoroughfare with easy access to Interstate 90.  Clinical focus is balanced and the payer profile is primarily Blue Shield and cash. Large, active patient base. Diversified, Thompson and Activator adjusting techniques. Administrative staff is trained and experienced. Relocation prompts the sale. Owner insures a smooth transition.

The owner of this 41 year old general family Boston suburb practice is ready to retire. The practice has occupied a 1,079 highly visible store front location for the past 24 years.  The clinical focus is on wellness and the adjusting techniques utilized include Diversified, SOT, Applied Kinesiology and Activator, supported by ultrasound and low volt electric stim. Practice is fully equipped including x-ray equipment. Currently open only 25 hours a week – great opportunity to expand hours and revenues.  Smooth transition assured.

Established in 1999 and under current ownership since 2011, the practice has been in the same shopping center location since inception. The practice occupies a 1,450 sq. ft. office in the heart the community’s retail and business center. The clinical focus is balanced and the active patient base is large. Practice is EMR/EHR compliant. Adjusting techniques utilized include Diversified, Thompson, Drop and Activator. Staff is tenured. Payer profile is 70% insurance; 30% cash. Relocation prompts sale. Smooth transition assured.

Established for nearly 30 years and at the same location since inception, this cash practice is focused on wellness.1,100 sq ft ground floor suite in a professional office building with 24 hour security. Adjoining the practice site is an upscale retail shopping center and residential community of luxury townhouses and condominiums. Over 400,000 in population, which swells to over 600,000 during daytime hours, within a five mile radius of the practice. Diversified, Cox Flexion-distraction and Myofascial Release.Tenured and trained staff. Active patients number 300. Health issues of the owner prompt sale.Successful transition assured.

Located on Chicago’s Northside in an affluent, densely populated neighborhood, this 12 year old family practice is housed in a 1,400 office condominium at street level with excellent visibility. Foot traffic and drive-by traffic produce many of the new patients, which average 35 per month. Diversified and Flexion-distraction. Well care clinical focus. Massage therapy contributes a significant percentage of revenues. Steady production over the last three years. Owner relocating.

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